These clients trust Shatter Safe Films.

American Packaging Corporation
- Atlanta Care Regional Medical Center
- Canada Border Agency
- Canada Customs and Revenue
- Chase Manhattan Banks
- City of Vancouver
Dot Foods  -  Georgia
- Drug Enforcement Agency U.S.A.
- Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)
Frito Lay
- Fastenal
- J.M. Smucker's (Smucker's Jams)
- J.P. Morgan Banks
- Keurig
- Maxell Canada
- Mercedes Benz
Nestle's Foods
- Olam Tomato Processors, Inc.
- Northern Border Patrol
Pepsico Corporation (Pepsi)
- Royal Bank of Canada
- Royal Canadian Mounted Police
- The Mayo Clinic Hospital
- Touchstone Property Management
- U.S. Military (Navy, Air Force, Army)
- United Nations, The
- United States Department of Defense
- United States Federal Government
- United States Supreme Court
- World Health Organization (WHO)
Windset Farms
And thousands of others!
Food safety concerns where glass can enter the food chain at any stage.

Meets Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSC 16cfr Consumer Safety Film

Applied to glass in these food production areas.

Olam Tomato Processors Inc.
Nestle's Foods
Pepsico (Pepsi)
J.M. Smucker (Smuckers)
Windset Farms

About $5.00 / sq. ft

Maximum roll = 100 feet in length x width available below.
Minimum order is 10 feet in length x the width you require.
Sold in increments of 10 foot lengths.
About $5.00 per square foot.

Trim with a box cutter type knife to fit your glass.

Click the width you need on the right!
3 ft. x 10 ft. mulitples
Click ADD 36" TO CART on the Right

4 ft.x 10 ft. multiples
Click ADD 48" TO CART on the Right

5 ft. x 10 ft. multiples
Click ADD 60" TO CART on the Right

If you need more film for additional glass.
Simply change qty to 2 or more to order in 10 foot lengths.
( 20 feet long = qty of 2)
All films are shipped as one full piece.
Apply film yourself (click tools on the right to add tools)
or draw on our pool
of professional installers
coast to coast!

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Most orders SHIPPED within 3- 15 business days.
*SHIPPING only $27.95* no matter how large the order!
(*Continental U.S.A.)
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Unbreakble glass and shatterproof shatter
proof glass. Window film for glass will
not make it unbreakable