Shatter Safe® Security Window Films
Our multi- layered films will help hold your glass together during an earthquake or should an individual
attempt to break in to your home, business or vehicle.

Shatter Safe Security Window Films utilizes the very best in materials and composites to ensure that
our customers are receiving the utmost in quality and strength for security window films. For more than
30 years, our manufacturing facilities have been industry leaders specializing in the development and
manufacturing of window films for commercial buildings, homes and motor vehicles. Our safety, security
and solar films are respected around the world.

At Shatter Safe our sole focus is on window film, which is why we feel that we do it best.

Our mission is to offer not only innovative products, but also innovative solutions tailored to our clients
specific needs. Our focus on the window film industry and our unrelenting commitment to newer and
better technologies has moved us to join with some of the window film manufacturing elite, and as well,
joining with the largest privately held window film producers in the world.

With our singular focus on the window film industry, it's no wonder that Shatter Safe Security Window
Films is not only one of the most respected and recognized window film companies in the industry
today, but is amongst the fastest growing companies of its kind.

Be it for vehicles, homes, or commercials buildings, our mission is to help make all glass Shatter Safe.   
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified team.
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