window tint
Shatter Safe Security Window Film
is available world-wide!

Our shipping fee no matter the size of the order is only $27.95 for Lower 48 States and Canada

Basic SSF-400
Ok for vehicles and safety concerns
(Not security, good for earthquakes etc.)

Good -  SSF-700
vehicles - residential - food processors

Better - SSF-800
residential - commercial - retail

Strongest - SSF-1400
residential / commercial / industrial / military

Excellent when applied to 1/2 or thicker glass.

Demonstration for bullet resistance shown
for entertainment purposes only.

For your vehicle
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Tinted for home or business
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Silver Reflective
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Window Films
Made with PRIDE in the U.S.A.!
Above is SSF-1400 on 1/2" thick glass.

You can find Shatter Safe Films here.

- American Packaging Corporation
- Atlanta Care Regional Medical Center
- Canada Border Agency
- Canada Customs and Revenue
- Chase Manhatten Banks
- City of Vancouver
- Dot Foods  -  Georgia
- Drug Enforcement Agency U.S.A. (D.E.A.)
- Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)
- Fastenal
- J.M. Smucker's (Smucker's Jams)
- J.P. Morgan Banks
- Kellogg's
- Keurig
- Maxell Canada
- Mercedes Benz
- Nestle's Foods
- Olam Tomato Processors, Inc.
- Northern Border Patrol
- Pepsico Corporation (Pepsi)
- Royal Bank of Canada
- Royal Canadian Mounted Police
- The Mayo Clinic Hospital
- Touchstone Property Management
- U.S. Military (Navy, Air Force, Army)
- United Nations
- United States Department of Defense
- United States Federal Government
- United States Supreme Court
- W.H.O. (World Health Organization
- Windset Farms
          ~And thousands others.~