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Following are Inclusions, warranties and terms of purchase and agreed upon ordering/receipt of Shatter Safe® product. The customer or
agent of the customer who has purchased products agrees to have read this agreement in full and agrees with all statements and conclusions.
The customer also agrees to the same by accepting the understanding of accepting Shatter Safe products or advisements.  Shatter SSafe/
hereinafter referred to solely as SSafe or SSafe  agent/dealer agrees to place/install a window films/products OR SUPPLY as requested by
the customer/dealer/distributor whose name /information appears on the agreement of purchase whether electronic or otherwise. SSafe
Corporate is not responsible for any glass surfaces or windows that SSafe has not installed films/products to nor been paid for installation of.  
Limited residential LIFE-TIME WARRANTY and Commercial Five Year Films/products Warranty:  SSafe warrants its films/products to be
free from defects, including change of colour, peeling, abnormal bubbling, rippling, cracking, de-lamination, and de-metallization for the
manufacturers full warranty period normally of five years for commercial glass and a limited LIFE-TIME WARRANTY for residential
interior applications. (Life-time is for as long as you occupy in premises product shipped to.) There are no refunds given for any reason
whatsoever and customer agrees to same as all product is custom cut to each order.

Customer also agrees that should this agreement cover installation of product at the time of entering the agreement, the job will not be
considered complete until as such time SSafe performs an adhesion test for warranty purposes on the glass. This adhesion test is performed
following installation when the manufacturer deems the product to have cured which is subject to variables as determined. There are no
refunds given for any reason whatsoever and customer agrees to same as all product is custom cut to each order. This warranty covers
films/products installed only on the interior side of the glass in the customers building.  SSafe will not honor any window warranty voided by
any glass manufacturer, resulting from the application of SSafe products, including manufactured defects in the glass, frame or window
itself.  SSafe reserves the right to inspect any material at the customers expense that is the subject of a warranty claim, to determine the
nature and cause of the damage.  SSafe will only replace films/products that SSafe determines to be defective.  SSafe is NOT responsible for
damages resulting from faulty installation not performed by SSafe, and the purchaser must consult the installing party / third party for claims
related to improper product installation. SSafe does not recommend installation of dark films/products on double glazed glass interior or
exterior. Should the customer be in default of payment and is not the registered owner of the property where installation takes place, then the
customer agrees that the registered owner may be liable for non-payment of services of product and/or installation.
SSafe films/products (if non tint products and above 8 mil 2 ply) applications are designed only to minimize the possible consequences of
criminal activity only if any, should it occur at the customer’s premises on windows only to which SSafe has applied/provided security
films/products as outlined on the front side of this agreement for services. SSafe is not an insurance company and as such does not guarantee
or imply that the films/products or service SSafe furnishes will avert or prevent occurrences or the consequences arising there-from which
the films/products or service has been or may not have been designed for.  The concept of security window films/products is to possibly
delay intrusion to premises. It is possible to breach the films/products eventually. The customer and/or agents of the same agree the SSafe
shall not be liable for the said occurrences and/or their consequences.  Further, the customer agrees to hold SSafe, owner/s, employees,
agents, suppliers and or distributors harmless for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by the customer for or by reason of any act or
omission, (negligent or otherwise) of SSafe, its servants or agents and for any loss or damage to the customer, or the customers day to day
business caused by delay, interrupted service, at any-time or for any reason what so ever. Should through litigation or other mutually agreed
to third party, SSafe is found to be liable for any type of damages real or otherwise the customer or agents thereof agree that the amount of
liability of SSafe / or webmaster of this site will be limited to a total dollar amount of $150.00 or the actual manufacturer cost of the product
whichever is the lesser of the two. This amount is not to be construed as an admission of guilt or negligence in any way, but as an agreed
amount for possible damages if any, paid in good faith. Customer also agrees to retroactively pay any taxes, levies or other fees that are not
collected at time of purchase but may have been due at time of shipment.
The remedies above are exclusive, and are the only remedies the consumer/customer has.  There are no other warranties, including implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness, which extend beyond those described herein with SSafe.  In no event shall SSafe be liable or
responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, except as expressly stated above.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing,
SSafe grant no warranties, including implied warranties, of merchantability or fitness whatsoever. Fogging, ghosting, bubbling by air and
water are normal conditions of curing that may take 20 plus weeks to totally dissipate and occasionally may never dissipate. This Warranty is
secondary and subordinate to any personal or business property insurance covering the property damage, broken glass or theft, and does not
apply to any deductible on property damage insurance coverage.  Safe’s liability under this warranty is limited to replacement of defective
product not including labor costs.  This warranty is made in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied, and is void if the product has
been subjected to misuse, abuse, and incorrect installation or not installed by Shatter Safe®, and/or improper care.  This warranty does not
apply if the thickness or the applied films/products does not correspond to a recommendation set forth by SSafe original analysis. SSafe shall
not be liable for special damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits, theft or loss of other property or equipment, cost of emergency
services, cost of temporary window boarding or expedited repairs.  

This Warranty applies only to a product applied directly to glass, and excludes frames, mullions, caulking and any other attachments
including decals, signage of any type, window coverings, bars etc.  This Warranty excludes glass breakage in war or riot zones, and glass
breakage resulting from acts of unlawful occurrences, terrorism or use of firearms, hurricanes and any inclement weather conditions.  This
Warranty is not valid in countries not diplomatically recognized by the Government of Canada or the United States of America.  This
Warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights and the consumer may also have certain other rights, which may vary from jurisdiction to
jurisdiction. Any and all legal proceedings must be filed and will take place in the registered city of Shatter Safe Security Window Films home
office.  Other instances of a voided warranty may be but not limited to if either party is involved in a fraudulent or criminal claim or if
thermal shock failure occurs. Thermal shock failure is defined as a cracking or fracture of the glass caused by heat or change in temperature
resulting from the application of films/products to glass, and thermal shock fracture can be identified by the following characteristics: (a)
break lines make a right angle with the edge of glass at or near the origin, and (b) break lines separate into two (2) or more lines within two
(2) inches of the edge and the origin.  The extra heat stress from the installation of the films/products must be the primary reason for the
break of the failure. All glass breakage warranty, or claims as a result of tinted films/products have a standard warranty of 1 year due to the
possible change in climactic conditions.  All other warranty coverage pertaining to tinted films/products will be at the sole discretion of SSafe
as tinted films/products fall below 12 mil applications. All warranties may improve subject to new technological developments by SSafe.
Unless specifically noted otherwise, there is no glass breakage warranties included within this agreement. Should your credit card company
grant you a chargeback on this sale our restocking fee if 35% of the original order plus all shipping fees as film is cut from master rolls.
Electronic purchase signifies acceptance of this agreement