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Atlanticare Regional Medical Center - Atlantic City - New Jersey
Shatter Safe utilized products have been installed in
27 countries around the world, including but not limited
to, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico,Uruguay, Argentina,
Egypt, Turkey, Venezuela, India, New Zealand, Korea,
Switzerland, China, Canada and The United States of

Our products  can be found installed globally on
government buildings, food manufacturing facilities,
military bases, police stations, television and news
stations, schools, hospitals, banks, large and small
businesses, residential properties, automobiles, and
even jewelry cases.

We do not list certain locations for security concerns.

Atlanta Care Regional Medical Center
Canada Border Agency
Canada Customs and Revenue
Chase Manhatten Banks
City of Vancouver
D.D.D. Label Tech (West) Inc.
Drug Enforcement Agency U.S.A. (D.E.A.)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)
The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
J.M. Smucker's (Smucker's Jams)
J.P. Morgan Banks
Maxell Canada
Nestle's Foods
Olam Tomato Processors, Inc.
Pepsico Corporation (Pepsi)
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The Mayo Clinic Hospital
The World Health Organization ( W.H.O.)
Touchstone Property Management
U.S. Military (Navy, Air Force, Army)
United Nations, The
United States Department of Defense
United States Federal Government
United States Supreme Court
2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter
Games (VANOC)